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Cymbal Hire – £1/cymbal
Additional Mic – £1/mic (2 Provided Per Room)
Additional XLR – £1/xlr (2 Provided Per Room)
Power Extension – (4 Provided Per Room)
Guitar Hire – £5/session
Bass Hire – £5/session
Music Stand – £1 (1 Provided Per Room)

Banana Row houses six acoustically controlled rehearsal rooms. Three spacious rehearsal rooms, a mid sized stage room and two smaller rooms for trio/duo/solo practice. Each of our main rooms are equipped with professional standard Backline; 2 x Guitar Amps, Bass Amp, 5 Piece Yamaha Drum Kit, and PA with 2 Mics as well as a music stand and fan.

Our aim is to provide a unique rehearsal space in the heart of Edinburgh with rooms that are comfortable, affordable and accessible. Disabled facilities are on site and you can park nearby for free on evenings and weekends.

Price/Hour 10am-6pm 6pm-Midnight Weekend
Main Room £7 (3 for £15) £12 (3 for £30) £10
Drum Room £7 £9 £9
Solo Room £6 £6 £6

At The Row we want you to have the best rehearsal you can. Our efficient and helpful staff are always on hand to help sort out any technical difficulties, serve you from our snack shop, or supply a set of strings when you need them.

To book a room or arrange a studio tour call 0131 557 2088.